l'immagine della città Festival of Documentary film and Photography 1st edition Naples 27 November-3 December 2014


London - The Modern Babylon

Production: BBC Arts, BBC Films, The BFI, Nitrate London
UK 2012 - 125'
Direction: Julien Temple

London - The Modern Babylon is Julien Temple’s epic voyage through time towards the pulsating centre of his hometown: a kaleidoscope of images chosen from TV, movies, photos, graffiti, paintings, advertisements, magazine covers; from different formats, from B&W 35mm hand-filmed in 1890, 16mm from the early ‘20s, Super8 from the ‘50s and ‘60s, VHS from the ‘80s, MiniDVs from the ‘90s to the most recent High Definition. Temple uses all of this to provide evidence of the multicultural explosion in London. It’s because we meet not only musicians, artists and writers but also dissidents, unconventional, critical thinkers and radical politicians, but mainly ordinary people that this work is just like London, since it describes it from the point of view of those who settled there, – migrants, bohemiens – and changed its history forever.

Saturday 29 November - h: 20.00

Institut Français Napoli
Palazzo il Grenoble
86, Via Francesco Crispi

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