l'immagine della città Festival of Documentary film and Photography 1st edition Naples 27 November-3 December 2014


The Square

Production: Noujaim Films, Worldview Entertainment, Roast Beef Production
Egypt, USA, UK 2013 - 104'
Direction: Jehane Noujaim

The Square by Jehane Noujaim was nominated for the Academy Awards for Best Documentary Feature in 2014. It descibes the 2011 Egyptian revolution that started in Tahrir Square. While the film was receiving the Audience Award for World Cinema Documentary at the Sundance Festival the Egyptian people took to the streets to protest against Morsi, the democratically elected new dictator. Thus the director and the cameraman decided to go back to Egypt in the midst of the protest realizing that their job was not yet finished. Dictatorship, the arrival of democracy, military coup and involution. The documentary follows the life of a revolution of historic proportions, not by filming the crowds or the violent clashes and battles so present in the media, but by focusing rather on a few individuals: the young enthusiast Ahmed Hassan, the Anglo-Egyptian actor Khalid Abdalla and the member of the Muslim Brotherhood Magdy Ashour. People with different ideas – just like the people in the square – but all faithful to the ideal of change: the natural right of the people.

Thursday 27 November - h: 21.00

Institut Français Napoli
Palazzo il Grenoble
86, Via Francesco Crispi

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