l'immagine della città Festival of Documentary film and Photography 1st edition Naples 27 November-3 December 2014


Dove stanno bene i fiori

by Corrado Costetti
Photography Exhibition

The city in-between is the underlying idea beneath the work of the photographer Corrado Costetti Dove stanno bene i fiori: a confrontation with the image of Naples, in search of a many-faceted view of the city. By eliminating its inhabitants and its most recognizable sights, he allows the city’s spaces, both open and closed, to emerge, along with its lights and colours.

Following a unitary visual discourse, we trace the steps of a lengthy crossing of the city, looking for places without access barriers or restrictions of any kind, and which belong to neither the saturated dimension of the historical center nor to the abused one of the suburbs. Various contemporary Naples emerge - the industrial Naples, and that of the construction boom of the 60’s - in a frontal perspective highlighting the never-linear nature of space in the city and suggesting how this complexity conditions, and is conditioned by, its human inhabitants.

Inauguration: Wednesdey 26 November - h: 17.30

from 27 November to 22 December
Monday-Friday h: 15.30-19.00
Saturday h: 9.30-12.00

info: 0817642652

Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici
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