l'immagine della città Festival of Documentary film and Photography 1st edition Naples 27 November-3 December 2014


Napoli e Parigi nella fotografia stereoscopica di Pier Luigi Pretti

Photography Exhibition
Curator Gaia Salvatori
Installation by het Collectief and The Shoebox Diorama (NL)

The Shoebox Diorama

The photographs with which the public will be presented are selected from the stock of stereoscopic plates made by the doctor-amateur photographer, French by birth, Neapolitan by choice, Pier Luigi Pretti (1868-1934).

With a modern reporter’s spirit, Pretti photographed cities and villages, people and atmospheres, captured all around the world, under the most diverse lights, from daylight to suggestive night-time illuminations, in Italy, in Europe and in other far flung territories, such as Africa and America. The Ugo Matania Association, which houses the Pretti archive, has begun the task this year of cataloguing and digitalizing the entire collection of the photographer's stereoscopic plates. Those on show, concerning Naples and Paris, are no more than a small section of a larger mosaic of images that Pretti realized over the span of twenty years.

In the exhibition area of the Institut français of Naples, a multisensorial installation, realized by the Het Collectief Studio of Delft (NL), proposes an immersive experience with the most advanced tecnologies, in tridimensional photography of the early 1900’s.

During the festival days, it will be possibile to come into contact with the stereoscopic world of Pier Luigi Pretti by also visiting the Home-Museum of “Casa Matania” that houses his archive, where photographic tools and instruments, exemplars of original strereoscopic plates will be put on display along with the notebooks in which the photographer himself would enter the titles and, nearly always, the dates of the photographs he had taken.

from 27 to 30 November
Inauguration: 27 November - h: 17.00

Casa Matania
210, Via Aniello Falcone

Institut Français Napoli
Palazzo il Grenoble
86, Via Francesco Crispi

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